Monday, January 9, 2012

Crafty Monday

Hi all!  I got a new camera for Christmas so hopefully all my camera problems are behind me!  So hopefully I can keep up with daily posts again!  Hope you will keep checking back!

This is a craft I made a lot over the Christmas holiday cause it made such a great, inexpensive, homemade, useful gift!  I have also made some for a couple of wedding shower gifts as well.  And they have been a big hit all the way around!

Dish Towel Apron

All you need is a dish towel, you can get these for a dollar at Dollar Tree, some cute ribbon, and a sewing machine!
Now I've made the waist apron as shown in the above pic. and also the up and down kind that goes around your neck too.  It depends on the design on your dish towel.
With the waist apron all you need to do is sew the ribbon on both sides and you are done!
On the up and down one (don't know what else to call them! ;)  Pull in the two corners at the top of the dish towel til they meet, and sew.

Then measure out some ribbon just long enough to fit over your head.  Sew onto the top.
Last sew ribbon on at the middle to tie around the waist and you're done! :)

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