Friday, August 26, 2011

Hair Do Tip...

Hey girls!  I'm soooooooo sorry I didn't post all week!  :( 
Just for an update... we had an ok opening weekend last week and it has been better this weekend!  Thanks for your prayers!

Here is a little add on to the hair tip from the other day.
I was telling someone about the baking soda/vinegar treatment last week.  And she told me she knew a missionary lady that that's all she uses for shampoo and her hair is in the best shape ever!  I've been doing it and my hair has felt a little greasy so I asked her about it.  She said that it will feel like that for a little while til your hair gets used to it and then it will go away and your hair will be the healthiest it has ever been!  So if you didn't get the recipe before it's 2 T. baking soda in a 24 ou. bottle of water.  Spray on thoroughly and scrub scalp.  Then rinse. 
I also found out that apple cider vinegar is a natural conditioner!  I don't know if I'll stop using regular conditioner or not but it was very interesting.  :)
Just thought I'd pass it on!  Have any of you tried it yet?  And has it worked?  Have you gotten more curl?


Ashlyn Y said...

I have tried it a few times and it seems to work well. I know for a fact that conditioner is not good for your hair yet I continue to use it.
Do you have Coconut Oil? If you apply that overnight in wet (damp) hair then wash it the next morning you will have amazing results. There is no comparison! It gives you great shine, a natural detangling solution, just all around great!
Coconut Oil is a natural oil that our family uses all the time for lots of different things. In fact, we buy it in bulk- five gallon buckets full. Sooo, if you'd like to try this- but don't want to buy a container, Id love to give you a sample!

B and J said...

Cool Picture!