Sunday, April 3, 2011

Frugal Craft

And bring on the Frugal Month!

Jean Craft #4

Here is the last craft from a pair of jeans.  These 4 crafts have been a good and fun way to recycle old unwearable jeans!

This one is VERY simple and only works if the jeans have a side pocket on the leg.
But basically cut the pocket off the leg as close to the seams as possible without cutting the seam.
Cut part of the seam off the leg and sew it on the back for a little strap.  (If desired.)

And decorate it with a ribbon or whatever!
Use it as a pencil pen holder for your school desk, sewing table, craft area, you name it!  :)


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Kookster!!!! said...

Are these the one's I saw back in the tape room??? lol ;)