Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frugal Kids Craft & Game

Here is a fun and frugal craft and game to do with your siblings or a class!  All you need is paper, pen or pencil, and some sort of "treasure"!

Treasure Map / Hunt

I used to make these maps all the time when I was a kid.  I was VERY imaginative as a little girl (I guess I still am) and always doing stuff like this.

Anyway, that was free.  ;) 
Take your paper and draw a map of your house, yard, classroom, etc... whatever you are using for the treasure hunt.
C'mon now, be creative!  Like if you are drawing a couch in your living room, draw it but then maybe put a tree on it, or give it a tail and a head and give it an imaginative name like Cozy Island, or the Lazy Boy Serpent.  Make it fun but not too easy, make it where they have to figure it out!

Now after you have it all drawn out here is the cool part!
Crumple it up, that's right, as tight as you can.  Now open it up fully.  Repeat crumpling and opening until the paper feels soft!  It can take quite a few times!  (If you want you can have your siblings help with this step ;)

Now that you have you're "old" looking treasure map hide the treasure!
It can be candy, little trinkets, or even Birthday presents if you choose to do this for a Birthday game!

Now, give the child the treasure map and let them go find it!  If it's your siblings you can just let them have at it while you go back to whatever you where doing!

Have a great weekend!


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