Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scrabble Week!!!

Hey girls!  I'm going to be having a Scrabble Week in the month of May (the 16-20) that features crafts and pics. done with Scrabble pieces!  I think it will be REALLY fun!  So start your creative juices flowing and send in your ideas to !  We will have a poll and vote at the end of the week to see which idea is the favorite!  So head to your local thrift store and get a Scrabble game and start being creative!  ;D

The May Flowers Photo Contest starts on Mon. and I still only have two entries!  Make sure you send in your entries before Mon.!
(I will be in St. Louis this weekend so I may not post the pics. til Tues.  we'll see how busy we are when we get back!)


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Zoë said...

Sounds cool!