Friday, May 6, 2011

Game Friday

Here is another fun game we did at a wedding shower but it would be fun for a kitchen type party too!

What You'll Need...

An apron
About 10 different small kitchen items
Safety pins


Ok, take the apron and kitchen stuff and pin them all over the apron.
When you are ready to play, pass out a piece of paper and pencil to each person.
Pick a person to model the apron.  If you are doing this for a wedding shower have the bride be the model.
Give everyone a min. to observe the apron and the contents on it.
Then have the model leave and have everyone write down as many things as they can remember!
The person that remembers the most wins!
If this is a wedding shower let the bride keep the apron and the kitchen stuff and have a prize for the winner!

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Anonymous said...

What a good idea for a game at a baby shower ,bridal shower, ect.