Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hi girls!  I am soooooo sorry I haven't posted yet!  :<  I am REALLY on over load this week!  We are going to S.M.I.T.E camp, (which I encourage all of you to check out if you have never heard of it! http://smitecamp.org/ ) next week and I am teaching a little and I have a lot to study for that and other stuff just keeps piling on top of that so I will probably not have time to post til I get back from camp!!!
I hope you all will check back in a week, cause after camp I will be back to posting daily!  have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

I will be sure to check back in a week!!

Johanna Rose said...

Hello Jordan! A while back, I posted a post on my blog {An Old-Fashioned Girl} that I was in need of a modest suit.
And you gave me the link to your friend, Jennifer, website {Comstox.com).
First, I want to thank you! I just LOVE the modest swimwear that she offers.... but here is my problem, I don't see a place/way to contact her, or even a way to purchase anything..... I was wondering if you could help me??? Would you happen to have her contact info??

Please stop by my blog and let me know!
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!


Johanna Rose said...

Hello Again!
Thank you so much Jordan for you help, I actually spent a little more time on her websight, and found her email! :-) So I just emailed her!

Thank you again!