Friday, May 6, 2011

Misc. Saturday

Here is a REALLY fun recipe!
(Sorry!  She sent yummy looking pics. in with but for some reason they won't load up!)

   Make choc chip cookie dough (we used a pouch since we had one & didn't have much time).  The pouch said it would make 3 doz cookies & this only made 6 so it uses alot more dough.
Place a scoop of dough on top of Oreo cookie & a scoop on the bottom. 
With your hands form it all the way around the cookie. 
These are BIG! 
Bake at 325...I do not remember exactly how long they took, but it was quite a bit longer than normal.  Around 13 min. maybe.  I actually turned off the oven & just let them sit in there while it was still warm for a bit.  The bottoms were set & the tops were a bit soft still MMMmmmm!  The place where I saw this online they made their own dough & used Double Stuff Oreos.  We had some candy cane ones left from Christmas & we thought they were really good with the mint flavor.
-Janae H. IL-

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Yum! That sounds good!