Thursday, June 9, 2011

Game Friday

This sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing it Rebecca! :D


Rhyme Time

Takes 3 or more players.

How to play: The first player starts the game by thinking of two rhyming words-like bench and wrench.

To help the other players guess the rhyming words, the first player shares a clue. She might sat, "It starts as something you can sit on and becomes a tool."

Now the other players have to name things you can sit on. They'll offer possibilities like chair, couch, stool.

When they finally say "bench," the race begins! Players start rhyming out loud until someone come up with the word wrench.

This game can also be be played with a theme like American history, science words or things in the Bible, such as tomb and perfume. As a clue, you might say, "Lazarus spent some time in this place, and this liquid was poured on Jesus' feet."

It's a great game to play in the car or pass the time on a road trip.

Rebecca B, IL

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