Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scrabble Week Starts Monday!

Well, Scrabble Week starts Monday!  And I looked all this morning for a Scrabble game at the Thrift stores and couldn't find one!  So I need your help!  I have a couple Scrabble things sent in already but I could use a lot more!  So if you have a cute craft, or a game, or even a cool picture with Scrabble pieces in it please send them in!  It would REALLY help me out!  :)


Here is a yummy idea for a summer treat!  I made these yesterday and they where REALLY good!

Blueberry Popsicles

Vanilla Yogurt
Frozen Blueberries

Mix together using whatever ratios you'd prefer.
I like mine with a lot of berries and only a little yogurt.
Pour into popsicle molds and freeze!
Great for a hot day.


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