Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Need Your HELP!!!

I Need Your HELP This Summer!!!
Our family operates and runs a family Corn Maze during the Fall and I am the header-up of 5 Day Bible Clubs in our area.  So with that and just normal responsibilities I am SWAMPED!
So... needless to say I don't have hardly any extra time to get things together for this blog.  It would be such a same to see this blog deteriorate!  :'(
And that's where YOU come in!  :D  If you could help me out this summer that would be AWSOME!  If you could send in Crafts, Hairdos, Games, Recipes, Kids Stuff, Anything that would be a tremendous help!  That's what I designed this blog for anyway.  A place where girls can share their crafty ideas with others!

So help me out.  Send your stuff into !
I will still try to do as much as I can but with Crafts and Hairdos especially I just don't have time to get stuff together, take pics. and do them!  :(
Hope to hear from you soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

It sounds like you will be really busy! I'll try to get several different things sent in soon.

Jordan P. said...

Oh thank you soooo much! :)

Emily Jacinta said...

I'll try to send you some things too!!