Monday, February 7, 2011

Crafty Monday

* Take note, the next 4 crafts that I post on Crafty Mondays were all done from 1 pair of jeans!  So hold on to the scraps from this craft!!! :)

Craft #1

I think these are so cute!  So I was sooooo excited when I found out how to make these and found they were so easy!  (Sorry this one is so faded.  But it's what we had around the house!  :)

Jean Bag

You'll Need:

Pair of old blue jeans
Sewing Machine
Ribbon and Fabric Paint, if desired


Take your jeans...

And cut straight across right were the legs connect with the top part of the jeans.

Then turn them inside out and sew the bottom together.  Try to have the seams in the front and back be as close together as you can.  Turn right side out.

For the straps:  You can take overall straps (which would be easiest because the ends are already sewn) but you can also cut straps out of one of the legs like I did.  Sew ends under...
*If you are going to sew a ribbon on the strap you should do it now before you attach your strap to the bag.

And attach to the tops of your bag.
(You can do one or two straps, whatever you prefer.)

Now to fancy it up you can loop a ribbon through the belt loops...

Or sew a ribbon along the strap...

Or, if you have fabric paint, You can doodle on it!  :D
There are so many cute things you could do on these so be creative! :)


Zoe said...

SO CUTE! I have got to try that sometime :)

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very nice!