Friday, February 25, 2011

Hairdo Week!

Announcing my "Blotsy Shop"!  ;D  Check the tabs above to see what's up!

I haven't had any entries for the scrapbook contest so I think I will cancel for the time being and try again some other time.


Here is the last of the Hairdo Week!  It has been really fun!  I think I'll do one again in the future!  Thank you to all who sent stuff in!  And if you didn't get a chance this week I do a Hairdo Day each week and I could always use ideas!  :D

”First you braid a small section of hair. Then dab a little bit of gel or mousse on the end to keep it from unbraiding. It works best with gel. Then either keep your hair down, or put it back in a pony-tail! Easy!”

Jenny C. IL

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Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Awesome pics:)