Friday, February 11, 2011

Game Friday

Card Making Race

This is a REALLY fun game to play at a party!
Lay out some card making materials on a table.
Divide girls into teams of 2-4.
Give the girls a theme or a person to make a card for.   
Like... Thank You card, or Springy card, or Cards with flowers on them, etc...
The girls have to make 1 card per team, working as a team to make the card.
Have the teams work in different parts of the room so no one can steal anyone elses idea.
Have a time set, like 5-7 min. for them to make the cards.
At the end of the time period have the teams stop and display their cards.
 You can decide which you like best or you can have a mom or all of the girls vote!
It's a lot of fun to see what comes up at spur the momment!  ;)


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