Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids on Tuesday

Here is a game/activity that would be good in a teaching setting or for just a time filler.

Before class come up with a different sound for each member of your classroom.  It can be hard like the tinkling of keys or drop of water in a cup... to something easy like making an animal noise.  Depending on the age of your class.
Then, take a blind fold and in turn have each one of the kids come to the front of the class and have them sit in a chair.  Cover their eyes to were they can't see at all.  Make one of the sounds and have them see if they can guess what it is without any help from their classmates. 
Do this til each child has had a turn.

This would be a good activity after a lesson about that God made our eyes. Telling the story about Jesus healing the blind man.
Or about the ears, telling the Bible story of Jesus healing the deaf man.
Whichever one, stress how good God is and how grateful we should be if He gave us hearing ears and seeing eyes.  And how He is so powerful and awesome to create such things!


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