Friday, February 18, 2011

Game Friday

Biblical Who Are You?

This is kinda like 20 questions.
Have everyone sit in a circle.
Then have each person in their mind pick a person in the Bible.
Then, start with the oldest person and let them ask any one person in the group a yes or no question about themselves, (the Bible character).
If the answer is yes, then they can ask that person, or a different person, another question until they get a no.
Then you continue clockwise around the circle.
When someone is found out they can only ask one question on their turn regardless of the answer.
The one that is the last one to be guessed wins!  :D

This is a great game to test your Bible knowledge!
Also, you don't have to pick the popular characters!  You can pick someone that maybe only gets mentioned once in the geneologies or something!  You do have to know their name though.

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