Friday, December 3, 2010

Game Friday

<<<- Take the Prize and Pass It On ->>>

Here's a give away game to play at a girls party!

Write down about 10 or more random questions.  Like...
Whoever has the longest hair.
Who's the youngest person here.
Who has the biggest purse.
Who has the most things in their purse.

Then when the time comes to play hold the prize and read the first question.  Whoever, for example, has the longest hair, or whatever you first question is, gets the to hold the prize while you read the next question.  Then the person who answers that question gets to hold the prize and so on down the list til you get to the last question.  The person that answers the last question is the winner and really gets to keep the prize.
It's a fun game that keeps people guessing at who gets the prize!


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