Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's Decorate For Christmas!

Here's a few of the ways my family decorates for Christmas!

For our centerpiece on our table mom sets up her nativity.  People can see and enjoy it up close as they sit around the table enjoying food and fellowship.  Remembering Jesus is the reason for the season.

This is a new addition I added to our decorations this year.
In the door way leading from our kitchen to our living room I made mini cinnamon ornaments.  (Recipe under crafts: Christmas.)  And strung them onto a ribbon and draped it in the doorway.

This is also a new and very sweet addition to our decorations.
Mom took some extra jars we had and displayed them on a cute little shelf in our living room with Christmas candy inside!
A very tempting wall display!


1 Christmas tree was the winner!  Wow!  I actually expected it to be more than one!
There are 3 new polls this time!  Be sure to cast your vote!

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Anonymous said...

What a neat centerpiece! And I"am really enjoying your posts Jordan. Keep it up!