Monday, December 13, 2010

Let's Decorate For Christmas!

Yea!  Today is the first day of our "Let's Decorate For Christmas" week! 
I'm so excited some really cute ideas were sent in!  But there's still time!  If you have a decorating idea to share send it in!  There's room for more!  :)

Here is an ADORABLE idea sent in by Jenny C. IL. 

- Ornaments -

Cut 1 small strip of paper out of some cute scrapbook paper. Then cut 2 more a little bit longer than the 1st strip. Then cut 2 more longer than the 2nd. And last, cut 2 more longer than the 3rd strips.

End up with 7 strips total.

Then, on a flat surface, lay down 1 of the longest strips, then the next shortest on top, and so on until you get to the shortest. And then you do the same thing, but backwards. (Hope this makes sense! I’m sure you’ll figure it out! The pictures will help.)
Anyways, staple the ends together at one end.

Next, take the ends, and make them all straight, and carefully staple.

Tie on a string, and you’ve got a cute ornament!


Anonymous said...

How cute!!!!!

Farmgirl said...

Cool! I'll have to try this!