Friday, July 1, 2011

Game Friday

This looks like a REALLY fun game! Thanks for sending it in Tracy! :D

This game is a combination of Clue, Charades, and Telephone.
A team of four people will leave the room and the people who are left
will pick out a person (Tigger, Cinderella, a pastor, etc.) a place
(the desert, a school bus, kindergarten, etc.) and a thing
(shoestring, refrigerator, etc.) Once the three things are decided
on one person gets called back into the room. He is told what the
three things are and gets to act them out to the second person. Once
the second person thinks he knows what the things are the third
person is called into the room and person two acts them out to person
three. (NO sound effects are allowed) Person three acts the things
out to person four and he gets to guess what the things are.

Tracy T MN

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