Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kids On Tuesday

Here is a game kids of all ages love!  Great for a class or 5 Day Club setting.

Balloon Says Game

You'll need:
Little pieces of paper
And some hot air  ;D

Take your pieces of paper and write simple, fun commands.  Like:  Say the alphabet as fast as you can.  Jump up and down 3 times.  Give your neighbors a high five.  Run around the circle backwards.  Etc...
Then, blow up your balloons BUT BEFORE YOU TIE THEM OFF slip a piece of paper into each balloon.
Have the children sit in a circle.
Hand one balloon to a child and start singing.  Have the children pass the balloon around the circle as long as you are singing.  When you stop, the child holding the balloon pops the balloon and does the command inside.
Once done hand another balloon to another child to start and do the same thing til all the balloons are gone!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cute, Jordan!
I have naturally wavy/curly hair too, so I am looking forward to trying this.
My hair is quite a bit longer than yours right now, though (almost to the middle of my back), so I'm hoping it still works well.

Thanks for posting!