Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hairdo Wednesday

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Here ya go Judy!  Wow!  I'm actually doing a hairdo!  Shocking right!  After how many weeks!   ;D
This is a fun humid-friendly hairdo that I'm doing a lot this summer!  I have very naturally curly/wavy hair so straightening it on humid days REALLY doesn't work!  ;)  I'm sure some of you can identify with me.
But this one is great cause it's really easy and the more humid it gets, the cuter it gets!  Hope it works for you too!

Roman Messy Bun

Here's what you'll need:
2 hair ties
bobby pins
hair spray

Gel and scrunch your hair.
[For those of you who don't usually gel your hair here's what I do:
I don't brush or comb mine before I do this.  This is my hair naturally.  I washed it last night and just let it air dry.
Turn your head upside down.  Place about a dimes worth of curling gel in the palm of your hand, spread on both hands and scrunch your hair up.  Do this til all of your hair is scrunched with a light coating of gel.]

Part your hair over to one side...

Take the front section and separate into two parts.
Now pull the front section over the back section bringing the back section to the front.
Do this til you get it to the desired length.  I usually stop a little before it reaches my ear.

Then secure with bobby pins...

Next, pull the rest of your hair back in a pony tail.
(I wear it a lot like this too.)

Now, smush your hair up from the bottom to the top...

and rubber band it.

Now pull it til you can no longer see the rubber band.

Bobby pin in any loose ends and you are done!


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hehe. that's exactly what I do/