Friday, March 4, 2011

Game Friday

Even though I’m not a little kid, I still like playing this game on a bus, or outside with a group of kids that has nothing to do! So here it is.
You have some kind of ball, and the players form a circle. The ball is passed quickly around the circle while the kids sing this song. Whoever is holding the ball when the song ends at “And You Are OUT!” is out and they sit out. And the circle keeps getting smaller and smaller until there is only 1 person left. Here is the song. You can sing it to Yankee Doodle or other familiar tunes, or you can make up your own tune to sing it to!

”The Wonder Ball”
The wonder ball, goes round and round, to pass it quickly, you are bound, if you’re the one, to hold it last, I fear to say the game is past and you are OUT!

Jenny C. IL

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