Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids on Tuesday

Here is a game that is good to teach Attentiveness to your class kids that I got from IBLP Character First.  I've used it quite a few times over the years and the kids think it's lots of fun!

Attentiveness is "Showing the worth of a person, by giving my full concentration, to his or her words."

Teach the Attentiveness definition.
Set out two chairs, sitting across from each other, in the front of the class.
You sit in one chair and choose a child to come and sit across from you.
Tell them to practice attentiveness by keeping his or her eyes and ears on you no matter what is going on around them.
Then have one or two other children, "distractors", come up and try to distract them by making noise, talking, etc... but they CANNOT touch them!
You can set a timer for a min. and start talking to the child reminding them to keep their eyes on you and not look at what is going on around them.  Or, you can have the 'distractors' start making distractions and amongst their noise you give a command to the the child and then have them carry out exactly what you said without having to come back for reminders.  Like "Go pick up any trash in the room, turn the lights on and off three times, do a jumping jack, and then come back and sit down." 
Take a turn with each child being attentive and being distractors.


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