Thursday, March 24, 2011

Game Friday

I'm really excited about the Popcorn Week next week!!!  I think it will be super fun!  So be sure to 'pop' in next week for some yummy popcorn recipes!


Here's a fun game to play with friends at a Birthday party or just a fun get together!  It tests you to see how well you know the people you call your friends!

? ?      Do I Know You?     ? ?

All you'll need is...
A piece of paper for everyone
A pen or pencil for everyone
A bowl
And 10 to 15 questions pre-written on a sheet of paper

Pass everyone a paper and pencil.
Set out the sheet of paper with the questions in the middle of the group for all to see.

The questions should be about the person themselves like...
What's your favorite color, animal, sports team, eye color, food, drink, things to buy, hobby, holiday, restaurant, musical instrument, etc...  Try to pick some out of the ordinary ones yet a few more familiar ones too.

Then have everyone write their names at the top and their answers in order on their pieces of paper.
Have them fold them in half and place them in a bowl.
Shake the bowl once or twice to mix them up.
Then have everyone pick out a paper.
Take turns reading the papers aloud and guessing who the person is!


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