Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids on Tuesday

This is a simple craft that kids will LOVE doing!  No glue, no tape, no mess!  And it's really easy to prepare for.  Just paper and scissors!

Woven Paper Place Mats

All you'll need is...

Two different colors of construction paper

1.  Cut one of the papers into 1 in. strips width wise. 

2.  Then, take the other piece of paper, fold it in half and cut 1 in. strips from the folded side to within 1 in. of the ends, as shown below. 

3.  Open it up.
4.  Take a strip of paper and weave it through, over, under, over, under... 

5.  When you get to the end, push it tightly to one side. 

6.  Then start a new strip but going the opposite of the first, under, over, under, over... 

7.  Repeat steps 4. - 6. til there is no more room to weave.
And that's it!  :) 

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