Monday, October 4, 2010

Crafty Monday

Welcome to Just For Fun!  Thanks for taking a peek!  I am sooooo excited at the potential of this blog!  I can't wait to see all the ideas that come in!  I hope to hear from each one of you!  This blog is the kind that needs LOTS of  followers to make it work so if you like what you see pass it on!  :)
Monday is Craft Day and we have a really cute crafty wall decoration from Jenny C. of IL!

- Cute Wall Decorations -

- thin wooden boards in any shape you want... circles, squares, rectangles, etc.
- cute scrapbook paper
- glue

- stickers
- flowers
- buttons
-  "alphabet" stickers
- ribbon
- pictures

Instructions:Take your thin piece of wood, ( You can find these at Hobby Lobby ) and lay it on your piece of paper. Outline the shape, then cut it out.

Glue onto the board, then add your ribbon, flowers, words, buttons, etc. Decorate any way you'd like!

If you are adding words, place the words on first, then glue on the accessories.

  Last of all, drill one to two small holes in the top of the wood shape, being careful not to ruin the paper. You could also drill the holes before you glue on the paper, then poke holes where you already drilled. Just do want you think is best.

Next, you thread wire, ribbon, yarn, etc. through the hole(s) and tie! And your cutsie decoration is ready to be put on the wall!

Some other options are: connect 3 of the decorated circles, and hand vertically. You could also hang 6 squares together. 2 wide, and 3 long, connecting them with ribbon or wire.
You can put your name on them, Bible verses, quotes, or just fun stuff!
 Have fun using your imagination.

Thanks for reading!

- Jenny C. -

- Illinois -