Monday, October 18, 2010

Crafty Monday

Huge "Thank You" Card
If you need a unique Thank-You card, here's one that might work.
You'll need a computer program that you are able to print off big letters with. I used Microsoft Word.1 to 2 poster-boards, depending on which style you choose Glue Optional: Ribbon, Flowers, etc.

First off, I found a "font" that I liked. Then I added a shadow. Write out "Thank You" or "Thanks!" in big letters. You will probably have to make the letters fit on 2 to 4 pages. Or you could use big stencils if you have those available.
Once you have done that... take your poster-board and fold in half. If you want a layered look, take your white poster, and cut it, so the white poster will be 1 inch smaller on each side than the black poster. Then glue it on. If you don't want a layered look, don't worry about it.

Cut out the letters you've printed, and glue onto poster. You should use a ruler to make sure you glue them on evenly. Make sure the poster-board is right side up when you’re gluing on the letters!

Then glue on flowers, ribbon, chipboard decorations, etc.

That's it! Have fun and use your imagination! You can make so many different cute cards!
- Jenny C -
Thanks for sending that in Jenny! Cute idea! This would be a great idea for ANY occasion!

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Anonymous said...

I love making cards! Great idea.