Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids on Tuesday

Here is a fun game to play in a classroom setting when you need to get kids energy out in a constructive, non-destructive, way. ;)


This game has to be played in a room where you can tell when the lights are on or off.

Clear an area in the room where the kids can move around.

Turn off the lights. Tell the kids when the lights are off they can act like animals, or pirates, or just be silly! But when you turn the lights back on they have to freeze and not move at all, just like a statue, til' you turn the lights off again.

Do this a couple times then go through and pick the best looking statue that hasn't moved at all while the lights where on. The one you pick can come control the lights for a few times then they can pick their favorite statue and so on.

Kids LOVE to play this game because they can act silly and move around. I like to use this when the kids are really acting up and not listening very well. It gets their wiggles out and also gets their attention back on the teacher.

Hope this is useful!



Ash Y said...

I think I'll try this on my siblings. =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really fun game!!!!!Great for little kids!