Monday, October 11, 2010

Crafty Monday

Well, now that you all see what a week holds I want to hear from you!  Start e-mailing in those ideas!  The e-mail address and instructions are on the side bar and the category specifications are at the bottom.  Hope to hear from you!  :)

Here is an ADORABLE flower craft sent in by Samantha H. of IL.
Thanks for sending it in Samantha!

*~ Fabric Flowers ~*


~Light Weight Fabric Scraps (like a soft cotton)
~Covered Button Kit ( size small or medium) I got mine at Wal-Mart.
~Small round lid or juice glass
~Washable fabric markers
~ Fabric Glue
~Rotary Cutter

Step 1:Iron fabric until it is smooth. Any deep wrinkles of creases will make your flower petals come out uneven.
Step 2:Now trace 3-4 circles out of your fabric.

Step 3:Cut each circle out and fold it in half

Step 4:Iron each halved circle

Step 5:Now open up each circle, and using your rotary cutter, cut along the crease. If you don't have a rotary cutter, scissor will work fine as well.

Step 6:Now you should have 6-8 halves, depending on how many circles you cut out. Flowers in nature always have uneven numbered petals, so I cut out 3 and a half circles to make 7 petals. But do whatever you prefer.

Step 7:Fold each half circle in half again, right sides together, and sew up the straight edge.

Step 8:Now you should have 6-8 half-circles that are sew up one side

Step 9:Now to make the center of your flower. Your button kit should include one plastic mold, a plastic pusher, a button round and button back.

Step 10:Follow the instructions on the back of the button kit box. They are really simple to follow. Your button should look like this (picture above)

Step 11:Turn each half circle inside out ( so the design in on the outside). Using a loose running stitch, sew up the open end. After completing the first "petal", continue using the running stitch for each petal. DO NOT cut the thread! Your petals will need to all be connected.

Step 12:Once all of your petals are connected, gently pull the thread ( be careful not to break it!) and cinch the flower together. Sew together the two loose petals to close the flower.

Step 13:Now using fabric glue, glue your covered button to the center. Let dry several hours or overnight before adding hair accessories or pin backs.

That's it! These flower look cute in just about any fabric and make adorable hair accessories, brooches and embellishments to denim jackets, hats or purses.

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B and J said...

Ohhh! That is really cute! I got some cute fabric here I want to try it with!

Thanks Sam!