Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hairdo Wednesday

Today I'm going to share a hairdo that is one of my main stays.  It is soooooo easy and I'm sure most of you would know how to do this but the rule here is nothing is too simple to post!  :)  So here it is...

What you'll need:

- A brush or comb
- And hair clips or little claws

First, part your hair.  Then take a small section in the front, closest to your part.  (If that makes sense.  :P)

Then take the rest of the front section which would be lower toward your ears and pull to the back of your head on that side.

And clip!  Do the same on the other side, make sure the clips are even in the back and your done!


*Oh!  Don't miss the announcement at the top!  Hope to get lots of good recipes!  :) 

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