Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hairdo Wendsday

Here is an up-do that looks really fancy but is so easy to do!  I have short hair now so it would be great if someone with long hair could send in some hair ideas!  Sorry the pics. aren't the best, I did this quick last night so I didn't do as neat of job.  It's different taking pictures as you do your hair!  I've never explained how to do a hair style so please bear with me!  Here it goes!  :}

First, part your hair.  Then take a little strand of hair and twist it under, about 3 to 4 twists, and bobbie pin it.  Next take a little more hair and twist it into the main one that you just twisted, twist it down, and bobbie pin.  Keep adding hair like you would if you were french braiding and pinning til you reach the top of your neck.  My hair is kinda thin so I only pin it in 3 places but if your hair is thicker you may have to pin more than that.  It should look something like this...

  Do this on both sides.
Next you want to take the loose hair and fold it up right at the nape of the neck and pin the fold to your head.  It will probably be easier to lean slightly forward while doing this and lay the ends of your hair on your head so they won't get in the way of the pins.

I usually pin both sides and then the middle but you can do whatever is easiest.
Then you let the ends fall over the pinned folds and your done!  To add a nice touch you can place a clip, ribbon, or barrette in the center. 

This would be really pretty on a girl with long hair if they have long ringlets cascading down.  :)

(I'm new at this so please tell me if something wasn't clear!)

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Covey Family said...

WOW thanks for the idea! It looks wonderful! AND CUTE ;)