Friday, October 8, 2010

Game Friday

I had a girls' party a couple weeks ago and this game was one of the favorites!

~Mechanical Charades~

How to Play:

Divide into teams of 4 or more girls.  Decide which team goes first.  The team that goes first leaves the room and has to think of something mechanical to act out.  Example: a car, train, vacuum, combine, etc...  Then they need to figure out how to act it out.  The object is to "build" the item and act out what it does without using any noise and using all the team members.  So for example if the picked object was a car then four girls would be the wheels, the other girl the body of the car or the steering wheel or however they want to display what the object looks like.  This is a really fun game to see all the different ideas that come out!  Then the team comes back in the room and acts it out.  AFTER the team is done building it then the other teams get to guess what it is.
The girls at my party kept asking to do it again and again!

*Another thing you can do to help with ideas is to before hand you or your mom can write out ideas on little pieces of paper and place them in a cup for teams to draw out.  This helped get the girls minds going when I introduced this game.  After drawing all the ideas though they were coming up with their own!

Have fun!  :D

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