Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kids on Tuesday

I LOVED doing this craft when I was a little!  I would sit and make 5 - 10 of these at a time!  When I did it with my little brother last night I didn't realize he had never done it before!  He LOVED it, and he's 11! 

~ Butterflies~


-Kids Tempera Paint in 3 or more colors
-Newspaper for messiness


Lay down some newspaper because it could get a little messy.  Then take the paper and fold it in half.

Next open up you paper and put a medium sized drop of each color of paint in the middle of the crease.

Then fold it back and push firmly, where the paint is, out toward the edges and all around.

And that's it!  Open the paper and see what neat design you made!

I love this craft because the design is different every time you do it!  After it's dry you can have the kids come back and draw on them to make them look more like what they see!  My little brother thought his looked like a butterfly so he put legs and antenna on it.  But sometimes they'll look like a face, a mask, an animal, anything!

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B and J said...

Hey! That's neat! I've actually never done it before either. Cool!

- EJ