Friday, November 12, 2010

Game Friday

Only one more day for the Follower Contest!  Now I need you contestant's help!  I only have 2 or 3 new followers that left comments on who invited them!  If there's any way you know who joined because of your invite could you leave a comment and tell me who they are... or any way you could pass it on to the person to let me know?  That would be great!  :)


Here's a simple yet funny game to play at a party.  A good ice breaker.

- Dry Whistle -

Give each person 5 saltine crackers.  Then, at the signal, have everyone eat their crackers as quickly as they can and then see who can whistle first!

Warning:  Possible flying debris!  Don't stand in front of contestants!  ;D

1 comment:

Farmgirl said...

haha,that would be kind of funny to watch! :)