Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Get Excited About Thanksgiving!

Yum!  These look great!  What a fun tasty way to decorate your Thanksgiving table!

" My mom made these last year, and I thought they were pretty cute for the kids. Just Oreos, icing, Whoppers, and candy corn!"

Ingredients :

Oreo cookies
Royal icing
Whoppers candy
Candy corn


We used half an Oreo cookie for each body and an entire cookie for each tail, then used a dab of royal icing to affix Whoppers for heads.
We piped on icing eyes and also used icing to affix the candy corn feathers and beaks.

- Jenny C. IL -

1 comment:

Farmgirl said...

Oh,to cute! I think my sister made those once,but she didn't use whoppers! Ilooove whoppers (lol its such a piety I'm allergic to them :( )