Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids on Tuesday

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Here are just a few simple ideas of some fun Fall things you can do with your siblings or a class.

- Nature Scavenger Hunt -

Make a list of some Fall items that the kids can find in the area you have them in.  The child, or team that finds the most wins!  i love nature hunts because it helps the kids look and see things they normally wouldn't.

Here's some ideas:
Red Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Wooly Worm

- Leaf Identification -

Have the children go out and find as many different kinds of leaves as they can.  No two looking alike. 
Take them and lay them all out on the table, sorting them by kind if you get more than one.  Get a good tree identification book and have the kids help you look and find the trees the leaves belong to in the book.  It would be a great way for the children to learn their trees and what colors they turn in the Fall!

- Leaf Chain -

Have the kids go out and get a LOT of soft colored leaves.  Then show them how to sew them together like you would a popcorn or cranberry chain.
This would be really cute to hang somewhere for Thanksgiving!



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