Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Get Excited About Thanksgiving!

Today starts our "Let's Get Excited About Thanksgiving" week! 

So far I only have a few things sent in - so if you have any Thanksgiving recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, games, traditions, etc... send them in!

Here is a REALLY cute card idea!  Jenny sent in a lot of card ideas so I'll sprinkle them throughout the week!  Thanks for sending them Jenny!  CUTE ideas!


"Last year me and my sister made some "fall cards". My favorite was the acorn. You fold a cute light tan paper in half. Then trace a large acorn pattern on it, making sure one side is on the fold, so the card will open and close. Then trace out the top of the acorn with a darker paper, glue on, add a leaf, and maybe a little tag with some string. And there you have it! A cute little acorn card!"

- Jenny C.  IL -


Anonymous said...

So cute, Jenny!

Farmgirl said...

I love it! Very creative and fally looking!