Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids On Tuesday

Here is a another fun kid engrossing classroom game.  I used this a lot for a starting game.  It would get the kids attention right away.

- Find The Button -

Hide a button, lego, or any small toy in a hard spot in the class room.
When children arrive tell them you hid a button, or whatever, somewhere in the classroom and the child that finds it gets to hide it next time.  
You can have them start out just looking on their own but if they are having trouble you can give them hot and cold hints. 
When a child finds the object have everyone else hide their eyes while the child hides it.
Something I did to help with peeking is we had a hallway attached to the room and I had all the children go in there with a teacher in front to make sure that there was no peeking.
This is also a good time filler if you run out of things to do!  :)

- Jordan -

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