Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kids on Tuesday

"How many more days til Christmas?"
Have you heard this phrase before?  Maybe from your little siblings almost everyday of December?  :)
Or maybe you remember asking it yourself! ;)
I remember asking that question when I was younger.   I just couldn't wait til Christmas was here and when I was a kid I had a hard time keeping up with how many days there where left to go!
Here is a good craft to help answer that question for kids!  It's a fun easy craft and it helps you from having to count down the days for them!  :D 

<<<- Christmas Countdown Chain <<<-

You'll need:

12 strips of both red & green construction paper
1 yellow strip

Take the yellow strip and have the child form a ring with it.  Staple the ends together.
Next take a red strip, loop it through the yellow ring and staple the ends.

Then do the same with a green strip on the red strip and so on forming a chain.

Find a place to hang it up, like on a door, wall, bedpost, etc..., having the yellow ring at the top.

Now for each day have the child break one chain off starting at the end opposite of the yellow one.  Yellow signifying Christmas day.
Then all they have to do to know how many more days til Christmas is to count the rings left on the chain!


Tracy said...

We've done that many times.

Anonymous said...

We have done that in the past. It was fun!